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Are the Lasers in Your Scanners Safe? : ZBA F A Q

Q: Are the Lasers in Your Scanners Safe?

When the scanners are handled and installed properly, the
answer is yes. Lasers are grouped in four classes. Class I: is
considered the least dangerous. Class IV requires strict
control measures. ZBA scanners have been designed to
operate as Class II devices.

Class II" laser or laser system must emit a visible laser
beam. Because of its brightness.Class II laser light is too
intense to stare into for extended periods. This is why a
hazardous warning label is affixed to the product. Momentary
viewing is not considered hazardous since the upper radiant
power limit on this type of device is less than the MPE
(Maximum Permissible Exposure) for momentary exposure of
0.25 seconds or less. Intentional extended viewing,
however, is considered hazardous.

If we are presented with opportunities and applications where
small children may often be involved (e.g. school libraries,
after school care locations etc.) ZBA offers handheld CCD
scanners like our ZB8150 long range CCD. This product has
the same depth-of-field as traditional handheld lasers, but
illuminates a non hazardous LED light.