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Did You Receive All Contents Required? : ZBA F A Q

Q: Did You Receive All Contents Required?

ZBA handheld barcode readers come with scanner, cable and
programming CD included. The CD is NOT a driver. It has
the various ZBA programming manuals included. You need to
access these manuals if/when you want to program your
scanner to something different than the default parameters.

Making a connection --- Each ZBA handheld scanner cable is
equipped with a 10-pin RJ45 plug. Simply plug the 10-pin
RJ45 connector into the jack on the ZBA product. You will
hear it "click" as the connection is made. If you need to
remove the cable, place a pin or paperclip into the small hole
located at the bottom of the scanner handle. With an easy
tug, the cable will slide out of the scanner.

ZBA barcode scanners are multiple interface scanners.
If/when you want to scan into a USB port and you already
purchased a K/B wedge scanner (for example), you need
only purchase the specific USB cable and replace on your

Our years of experience have tuned the default programming
to the most popular parameters. However, sometimes users
need to do some additional things, extended characters,
dropping leading digits, trailing digits (e.g. check digits) etc.
Load the CD on your computer and first choose the manual
which applies to your scanner. There is NO NEED to print the
entire manual. However, the manuals should be read prior to
scanner operation to familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

NOTE: For the ZB8000 Series, be sure to always print the
last page (pg.95) which represents
numbers and letters which the manual references for specific
programming parameters. ALWAYS scan the Finish label on
pg. 95 prior to scanning exit. Keep a copy of pg. 94 handy as
well. This has the barcode for the default value initialization.
If you think you made a mistake somewhere, simply scan
Program -> the default value label -> End and you are back
to the scanner default parameters.

Sample Programming TIPS