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I have a ZB8000 series scanner AND IT’S still NOT SCANNING : ZBA F A Q

Q: I have a ZB8000 series scanner AND ITíS still NOT SCANNING

Did you press the trigger/button? Did it light?
Do you have a PS2 Cable? If so, are you sure you are
plugged into the keyboard port and NOT the mouse port?
How many characters are in your barcode? If less than four,
you have to program the scanner to recognize barcodes with
less than four digits.
For a ZB8110 Scanner. Are you touching the barcode? Is the
barcode wider than the window of the scanner? The entire
barcode must be covered by the window of the scanner when
you press the trigger.
For a ZB8150 Scanner. This scanner is a long range scanner
and can read barcodes from a distance as far as 8 inches
away. Are you at least 2 or 3 inches away from the barcode
you are trying to read?
Have you recently moved? To another Desk? Floor? Building?
If so -
Are you sure youíve reassembled your computer properly
and have put everything where it should be? For example:
Are you certain you are plugged into the keyboard port and
NOT the mouse port if you have a PS2 cable?
Is there more overhead light where you are now located? Is
it too bright and perhaps the lighting is conflicting with the
clarity of your barcodes?
Is the scanner too far away from the PC? Have you run a
wire thatís too long for a USB Cable?
Is your Scannerís USB cable plugged into a USB Hub instead
of directly into your computer?