Bar Code Products & Accessories

Handheld CCD Barcode Scanners ZB-8000 Series

ZB-8150 Long Range CCD Scanner. The durable and ergonomically designed ZB-8150 scans from touch to 200mm and is the best-valued handheld scanner in its class. Utilizes the patented Digi-Decode technology.

ZB-8110 scanners offer excellent scanning performance at an attractive price. The ZB-8110 reads from contact to 50mm from the bar code and provides accurate decoding in seconds. This scanners features ultra-low power consumption and an all-in-one universal host interface.

ZB-8250 Long range CDD barcode scanner is suitable for a wide range of applications, from retail checkout and inventory management, to invoicing in offices and shipping/receiving control in factories. This long range model delivers fast and accurate reading of PDF codes.


Handheld CCD Barcode Scanners Z-3000 Series

Z-3000 The ZB-3000 series of handheld barcode scanner is a middle range CCD scanner that designed to give  the user an unsurpassed combination of flexibility and power.

Z-3010  Multi-Interface, Light, rugged design and durable construction ensures long service life. Advanced scanning performance with 2,088Pixels CCD.

Z-3080  Multi-Interface, High resolution CCD barcode scanner, including a sleek ergonomic design, field replaceable cable. ZBA's new most economical solution to bar code scanning. This barcode scanner replaces the ZB-2200AM.

The Z-30X0 Series  barcode scanners are combined 1D/2D long range readers with superior working range and high-speed omni-directional decoding. Interface can be cordless or cabled and can be used with or without a clip-on handle.


Handheld Laser Scanners

With an impressive scanning speed, ZB-3051HS is a highspeed single line laser handheld scanner that brings about the most effective scanning capability any handheld scanner offers. Guaranteed to bring in efficiency for any retail, office or warehouse environment, it is also enhanced through the builtin ZSCAN decoding technology

Omidirectional Laser Scanners

The ZB-6010 is a compact hands-free omnidirectional laser scanner, and becomes a single-line laser scanner by pressing down a button. It is designed to suit both requirements for omnidirectional and single-line scanning. With the reserved mounting holes at the back of the scanner body, The scanner transforms to a scanning module to allow integration into your desirable hardware application.

ZB-6070 is the first dual laser presentation scanner in the world with numerous record breaking key features. Its pioneered application of dual laser diodes drastically enhance scanning power by doubling up scan lines, broadening scan angle and intensifying scan pattern across scan field. With this stateofart technology, it is able to deliver the most comprehensive 32 lines scan pattern empowering 2400 scans per second

ZB-3060a handheld scanner on an adjustable stand.ZB-3060 detects and activates scanning omnidirectional barcode automatically. Or, by pushing one single button, the Sniper turns to a single-line reader. Just believe this simple operation can meet sophisticated works! Medium-scale retailers, pharmacies, specialty shops, post offices, convenience stores, warehouses and more stores will be benefited from this detailed-designed scanner.

Cordless/Wireless Scanners

The ZB2850 long Range Cordless Imager provides a high performance scanning with a rapid scan rate (450 scans/sec) and superior depth of field (up to 40 inches on 40-mil codes). Utilizing ZBA’s unique wireless-communication technology, the ZB850 operates with a 10-meter data transmission range. ZB2852 also reads PDF417 barcodes.
The new ZB2852 Cordless Scanner is the wireless version of our popular ZB2852 Scanner. It offers the same advantages in speed, depth-of-field, reliability, sleek styling, and ease-of-use, but now there is wireless capability to give operators greater mobility for scanning those tough to reach barcodes. ZB2850 also reads PDF417 barcodes.


Wand Type Barcode Decoders

KIT Wand and decoder with keyboard emulation for IBM PC and compatibles.


Scanning Modules

The A62-M series of long range scan modules offers an easy-to-integrate design with an outstanding scanning performance you've come to expect from ZBA. With its powerful 2,048 pixels CCD and 18cm long-range scan field. The A62-M series enables 150 scans per second with a minimum resolution of 5mil for fast,precise scans.

Barcode Slot Reader

ZB-600 Multi Interface bar code slot reader. Side cable output.

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