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    News ZBA Launches 2 New Wireless Scanners
    ZB2850 and ZB2852 Imagers Feature Bluetooth Technology and attract demanding data collection applications


    Hillsborough, NJ – October 15, 2007 --- ZBA, Inc., one of the global leaders in image scanning technology, today announced the production availability of the ZB2850 and ZB2852 Wireless 2D Imagers.  Designed for a myriad of applications including retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, these ZBA products are designed and manufactured to ensure high-performance and reliability in the harshest environments.  High-performance “fly-by” scanning capability speeds-up processing items at check-out.
    The ZB2850 and ZB2852 read all linear and PDF417 bar codes at any angle, including those damaged and poorly printed.   An easy to access battery compartment gives users the ability to change batteries easily instead of docking the scanner and charging before the job is done.  This ensures high volume applications running multiple shifts see little delay or reduction in productivity due to battery change and/or recharging.

    Engineered to be one of the lightest and most comfortable devices in its class without sacrificing industrial-grade durability, the ZB2850 and ZB2852 Bluetooth® wireless technology enables users to move freely around the work area unimpeded by cables.  Both the ZB2850 and ZB2852 provide fast and easy communication with ZBA’s cradle.  No cables to tangle, stretch or break and a Class 2 Bluetooth radio with up to 30 feet of range.  Users can take the ZB2850 and ZB2852  to the product being scanned, reducing the potential of damage to the device and significantly increasing productivity. Designed to collect data in physically demanding industrial environments, all configurations of these ZBA Wireless products are compliant with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) international directive.

    “To achieve the maximum return on investment, the ZB2850 and its 450 scans/sec. performance, coupled with ZBA’s hallmark reliability, addresses the specific needs of industrial enterprises”, notes Thomas Bisconti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We have engineered advanced data collection scanning technology, best in class durability and ergonomics and innovative battery management to make a product that is specifically designed for productivity enhancement in harsh environments.”  For industrial users needing a high performance, rugged and durable cordless handheld bar code scanner, the ZB2850 linear imaging scanner offers best-in-class performance and features. It is ideal for package handling and tracking, warehouse applications, shipping and receiving, manufacturing shop floor and other demanding applications – both indoors and out.

    The ZB2852 has been engineered to assist healthcare professionals to reduce medication errors.  This state-of-the-art product combines freedom and flexibility of Bluetooth V1.2 mobility into the industry’s leading hand-held imager.  “Bluetooth connectivity and aggressive read performance free you to scan multi-dimensional bar codes in a single pass anytime, anywhere” states Bisconti.
    The ZB2852 is specifically designed to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, including:

    1. • Bedside medication verification
    2. • Pharmaceutical dispensing
    3. • Patient record management

    Regardless of orientation, the ZBA ZB2852 read technology increases efficiency by decoding all standard 1D and 2D bar codes in a single flash.
    The ZB2852 addresses the requirements of today's fast-paced retail environments and enables new applications that add great value to a company's operations," said Bisconti.  "Even if a customer deploys the ZB2852 today purely for its high-performance linear scanning capabilities, they'll have the on-demand flexibility to use it for any number of advanced PDF417 applications when they are ready to do so.  Simply put, we're empowering retailers to do more with a single solution - greatly enhancing their return on investment."

    ZB2850 and ZB2852 accessories include easily swappable batteries, a desktop cradle/charger and power supply.

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