ZBA's Free Stuff!

Free Stuff!

We offer a free Code 39 barcode font and a trial version of the popular Z-Barcode. Also available for free download are an OPOS driver and a RS-232 to Keyboard driver for ZBA barcode scanners. Please sign in the Online Service Center to download your free copies!

Online Manuals

For most of our products, online manuals or programming guides are available. Please visit our Online Manuals page to see the available downloads.

Code 39 Barcode Font

Get a Code 39 true type bar code font for free. Click here to download!
Use it with any program that uses true type fonts to print your own Code 39 bar codes. This font has the 43 characters of the Code 39 symbology. Simply frame the data you want to make into a bar code with asterisks, and print the barcode.

bar code graphic

Z-Barcode barcode program

ZBarcode is a small application for generating barcodes. You select the type of barcode and enter the value to be encoded. Then copy the generated barcode to the Windows clipboard and paste it to your favorite application, for example Word. Then print the Word document.Try the easy to handle ZBarcode software now! Click here to download!

ZBarcode graphic

RS-232 Serial to Keyboard Driver

This Windows driver will take data from a serial ZBA Barcode Scanner and generates key strokes. Therefore barcode input to all programs you can type in is possible. We recommend to use the "SerialKeys" driver that comes with Windows, but if for some reason the Windows driver does not work, you may use our driver. Click here to download!

OLE for Retail POS (OPOS) Driver

This driver enables your ZBA Scanner to work with OPOS release 1.4 - 1.6 compliant application. Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or other OLE/ActiveX compliant 32-bit operating system. Please also see FAQ for information about OPOS and ZBA driver. Click here to download!

A new version of the OPOS driver is now available! We have added support for the portable scanners Z-1110 and Z-1050! If you would like to integrate the portable scanners into your application we recommend trying the OPOS Driver Version 1.8.0. It has an easy-to-use ActiveX component that can be used as programming API for the communication between application and scanner. In the new installation there is also a help file included that is targeted to get you started quickly.

The distribution includes:

  • A configuration program to generate the OPOS device information.
    (Your application may require the use of a certain device name.)
  • The "Service Object" for communication with the scanner.
  • Public Scanner 0POS Common Control Object 1.6.001 (OCX component)
    for development of OPOS release 1.6 compliant applications.
Click here to download!

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