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ZBA Inc. is a global provider of data-capture solutions for retail supply chains, healthcare, logistics, warehousing and distribution and many more. Its broad array of products and services include point-of-sale scanning, warehousing & distribution, and wireless networking.

Over the years ZBA Inc. (formerly known as ZEBEX America Inc.) has been involved in the design and development of customized products beyond data collection products. At the same time we are the exclusive distributor of ZEBEX bar code and data collection products in North America.

Our development programs covered a wide variety of applications from machine vision inspection machines to RFID debit card applications and anti-counterfeit intellectual property.

We continue to expand our offerings and offer our customers the best in emerging technologies. The leadership position we have established and maintained by building innovative data capture products and tech support with first class customer service will continue.

ZBA History

ZBA History
Following its inception in 1994, ZBA has since established and maintained a leadership position by building innovative data-capture equipment with unparalleled reliability and performance. These products have helped ZBA to evolve from simply a bar code scanner manufacturer, to a complete supply-chain management solution provider. ZBA's industry leadership is reflected in its major milestones:

  a.  1994 Founded as ZEBEX America, Inc.
  b.  1995 World's finest low-cost CCD scanner (ZB2200)
  c.  1996 PDL-10 Portable Data Terminal introduced
  d.  1997 ZEBEX West opened in Newport Beach, CA
  e.  1998 Patents and products released for security applications
  f.   1999 Alpha-70 Long Range CCD Laser "Killer" released
  g.  1999 Record Sales and Unit Shipments Continues
  g.  2000 PDL-20 Next Generation Portable Data Terminal introduced
  h.  2001 Customer service expanded with customer Web tracking of orders
  i.   2002 Z-6060 - Omni directional laser scanner is introduced
  j.   2003 ZBA becomes authorized Bluetooth Module technical supplier for Smart Modular Technologies
  k.  2003 ZB-8000 Series CCD products introduced - State-of-the Art Design
  l.   2004 Bluetooth Module business expands utilizing ZBA designs
  m. 2004 Z-1050 Low Cost Portable Wins Designs in Tradeshow and Photograpy applications
  n.  2005 ZBA Exceeds 8000 Barcode Readers sold to Curves For Women franchises
  n.  2005 A-50M and A-51M Scanners Launched
  o.  2006 ZBA Expands Operations with New Building Purchase in Hillsborough, NJ
  p.  2006 Z-1070/1071 Low Cost Portables Launched
  q.  2007 ZBA Launches ZB8000 and ZB8510 Wireless Bluetooth Handhelds Scanners
   r.  2007 ZBA Announces ZB3010 Low Cost CCD Scanner Upgrades

ZBA Products

ZBA's wide range of quality products are used to collect, process and transmit bar code data to terminals and host computers which provide data-capture solutions in the retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and package handling markets. The products include:

  • Retail Fixed Position Scanners
  • Retail Handheld Scanners
  • Data Collection Terminals (Portables)
  • Fixed Mount CCD Scanners
  • Magnetic Swipe Readers

ZBA - A Solutions Provider

In today's global economy, real-time comprehensive supply chain management is essential to success.

ZBA's custom development team offers after-market field and factory-based services to fit its client's specific needs, regardless of size or business interest. ZBA provides cost-effective help with data collection system planning, development and implementation, as well as special hardware and software modifications.

ZBA's impressive product line and custom services allow businesses to meet the supply chain challenges they face.

Marketing and Sales

Supporting customers with timely and accurate technical support is key to the ZBA business position. Our automated shipping website allows customers to visit everyday to ensure their orders have shipped and they can access the automated shipping information. Price/delivery/technical support - its how business is done today and ZBA is an industry leader in response time.


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ZBA, Inc.
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ZBA West
5020 Campus Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660
Telephone (866) 468-6922
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