ZB-6070 by ZBA

Dual Laser Omnidirectional Scanner


- Dual-laser technology
Enables an unprecedented 32-line scan pattern and 2,400 scans per second for lightning quick and accurate reads
- Z-SCAN technology
ZEBEX proprietary real-time hardware decoding enables instant recognition & decoding of 1D codes
- Large scan field
45° scan angle for improved effectiveness and productivity
- Single-line scanning capability
Able to switch to single-line mode to avoid erroneously reading wrong barcodes
- Barcode stitching
An applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated barcodes, increasing first-pass reads and ensures high throughput
- Instant “objective-fly-by” automatic wake-up
Reduces power demand and extends scanner life; scanner goes into automatic sleep mode when not in use, but “wake up” at the pass of barcode
- Rugged scan window
Durable scan window in CR39 to sustain from dropping
- Easy on-site configuration and upgradeability
Simple setup using either a Windows-based program or a barcode scanning-based guide; with electronically erasable flash memory to ensure easy on-site upgrade

User Manual      DataSheet

It is the first duallaser presentation scanner in the world with numerous recordbreaking
key features. Its pioneered application of dual laser diodes drastically enhance scanning
power by doubling up scan lines, broadening scan angle and intensifying scan pattern across scan field. With this stateofart technology, it is able to deliver the most comprehensive 32line
scan pattern empowering 2400 scans per second, In addition, it is equipped with ZSCAN technology, which is an innovative ASIC hardware decode technology to provide realtime decode capability to effectively shorten customer transaction time.

Its broad scan field could effectively facilitate scanning barcodes on products in all kinds of shapes. Moreover, it is designed for both handsfree and handheld applications. To scan large merchandise that cannot be placed on the counter, sales clerks could easily pick up from its stand to perform the product scan. While scanning multiple barcodes on one object, sales clerks could switch it to single line scan option simply by pressing one button. The adjustable stand design grants users the flexibility to set the easiest angle of scan. Furthermore, it is programmed with multiple beeper tones and barcode data edition function for different applications.

Light source: Dual 650 nm visible laser diodes
Depth of scan field 0 – 216 mm
Width of Field 45 mm × 2 @ contact; 218 mm @ 216 mm of depth
Number of Scan Lines 32
Scanner Pattern 8 directions of scan field
Scan speed 2,400 scans per second
Min bar width 5 mil @ PCS 90%
Print contrast 30% @ UPC/EAN 100%
Indicator LED Two-color LED (green & red)
Beeper operation

Programmable tone & beep time
Interface Keyboard, RS-232C, USB1.1, wand
Height 181.5 mm
Depth 89.5 mm
Width 85.0 mm
Weight 245 g (stand excluded)
Cable: Standard 2 m straight
Tilt 8° forward; 6° backward
Input voltage 5 VDC ±10%
Power Consumption 1.35 watts
Operating Current 270 mA
EMC CE & FCC DOC compliance
Laser Class CDRH Class IIa; IEC 60825-1: Class I
Operating Temperature 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C – 60°C (-4°F – 140°F)
Humidity 5% – 90% RH (non-condensing)
Light Levels Max. 4,000 Lux (fluorescence)
Shock Designed to withstand 1 m drops
1D UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with supplementary, JAN 8 & JAN13, ISBN/ISSN,  Japanese Bookland EAN, Code 39, Code39 with full ASCII, Codabar (NM7),Code 128, Code128 with full ASCII, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Addendum 2 of 5, IATA Code,
MSI/Plessy, China Postal Code, Code 32
Options Industrial 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, CODE11, UPC/EAN RSS, RSS Variants




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