Universal Magnetic Swipe Swipe Write/Reader/Verify, 3 Tracks, RS232 Interface

Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verify (RS232),
Track 1, 2 and 3, Power Supply Included

Universal Magnetic Swipe Reader/Writer RS-232


The Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verifier can Write, Read, Verify any combination of up to three tracks of magnetic information with a single swipe. An audible tone and a visual LED signal indicate a successful operation. The Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verifier can write and verify both High and Low coercivity magnetic cards, and can write and read all ISO 7811, AAMVA and California Driver's license, and custom data formats. The Writer comes with a user friendly windows program that will allow you to write and read any types of magnetic cards. Customized software is available upon request.

There interface for the Universal Magnetic Write/Reader/Verifier is RS232. Power supply is included. The available color is Beige.


  • Write/Reader/Verify up to any combination of three tracks
  • Write/Reader/Verify magnetic card with just single swipe
  • ISO 7811, AAMVA and DMV Compliant with standard software
  • Customer data format is available
  • Software is compatible with windows 95/98/2000
  • Selectable Hi/Low Ce. card.
  • 1M Magnetic Write and Read Heads Life
  • FCC Part 15 Class A and CE Mark
  • One-year warranty


Write, Read 300-4000 Ce. Mag Card

Write Speed 5 - 30ips

Power Requirements 350mA + 600mA for each track

Power Supply Spec Regulated 24DC/2.2A

Operating Temp - 10C to + 50C

Storage Temp -30C to +70C

Operating Humidity 10-85% relative humidity

Magnetic Head Life 1M swipes minimum. On both Read/Write heads

Weight 6lb include power supply

Dimensions 8.25 x 2.55 x 2.36 in (210x65x60 mm)

Cable length 5 ft

Connector 9 pin D-sub female with molded power jack

Encoding data format:

Track 1

210 bpi

Track 2

75/210 bpi

Track 3

210 bpi

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ZAWM123-RB Universal Magnetic Swipe Write/Reader/Verify, Track 1, 2 and 3, RS232 Interface, Power Supply Included

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